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Designing various corporate, store, personal, student, news portal, and organizational websites with Android application. Has a simple and fast update control panel and management. Secure and fast server hosting.

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Why you should choose us

Reasonable price, professional service, long experience, fast project delivery, honest guidance and consulting, payment based on service, constant support and strong design team are the main features of our services.

Powerful Features

Our systems provide you with powerful features and tools. Tools for quickly adding pages with various media to the website. Managing registered users, sending messages to users, SEO and content optimization tools, Google automatic map, simple handling and management of various parts of the site and many other tools

Totaly Optimised

Our websites use the latest cores of content management systems and are optimized for indexing in search engines and display on users' devices.


We are always by your side with 24-hour support through the ticket system and 12-hour support through WhatsApp, as well as face-to-face and online educational services.

Development of more than 300 websites

Special Offer For Limited Time. 30% Discount On All Design Plans

Launch your corporate or personal website for only 1.5 million Tomans,Professional sites with custom design from 3.5 to 15 million Tomans and store sites from 9 to 60 million Tomans and above

Our Service

WebAfza offers a variety of services in the field of hosting, registration and design of Internet sites, as well as a variety of services in the field of business registration, sales and transfer of trademark ownership.


We host your websites on a fast, secure and low-load server.

Registration of logos and trademarks

WebAfza, owned by Sina Majd Iranian Law Firm, provides trademark registration services, brand sales, as well as transfer of ownership and acceptance of intellectual property lawsuits and trademark complaints in Iran.

Domain Registration

Register a domain for your business.

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Our address: Tabriz ,West Industrial Erea, in front of Mellat Bank, Safaei Legal Services Office - WebAfza
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09148883739, 04134311579

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ParsPiden, Hiva

Ticket System

Do you have a question or problem? You can use the ticket system to send support requests and pre-purchase questions.

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